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Posted on May 22, 2014 in News

Hey everyone, Jason here……….just wanted to drop everyone a line to let you all know we are back from our first ever tour in Europe as TOXIK 2014!   We had a great time and want to thank ALL of the fans, promoters, and people who made the tour a reality, especially our booking agent Tjerk, and our man on the scene – Dennis de Meij for babysitting us and ALMOST getting us everywhere on time………well Dennis time!!  So once again we THANK YOU!!  It was a great tour, and we played out hearts out.  It was also a learning curve for the band………..we had to really learn how to work with one another, travel with one another, sleep with one another (especially when your roommate is snoring away) but we made it through, didn’t kill each other, and we look forward to the next one!!  We heard early on that some folks were upset that we didn’t just come out and play the “greatest hits” set, but we didn’t want to do that mainly for the reason that we are a NEW band that looks forward to its future (we do have that new CD coming out y’know), and didn’t want to just rest on the past – BUT in keeping with satisfying the fans………..we ARE going to play some more older stuff the next time we come back in AUGUST  of this year – so YES, we will play “Victims” and “Haunted Earth” the next time!!!  In other news, we are painstakingly trying to book some US west coast dates for the fall so please stay tuned.   We have new Euro dates up here on the “dates” section, and we also are working on a trip to China too, so we are excited to come play everywhere we can…………if you know a booking agent who wants to book TOXIK, please send an email to

So onto the website itself……we put a whole bunch of new vids up in the VIDEO section.

We have added a whole bunch of new pics to the PHOTO GALLERY section so please go check those out!

The WEBSTORE is going to be live later this week so you will be able finally buy shirts, hoodies, stickers, etc.  FINALLY

And lastly, please don’t forget to follow us on twitter at and on Facebook at

Onward and Upward

Thanks to all of you from TOXIK

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