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Toxik In Humanity Pre-Release

Digital Download

Thank you for purchasing this first TOXIK, “In Humanity” download.. There are a limited number available.. these are special mixes and are not likely to be the final version, which makes them all the more interesting as a collectible.

PLEASE DO NOT SHARE, UPLOAD OR DISTRIBUTE these 3 tracks. We are completely self funded and you are stealing directly from the band if you do, BUT ALSO DEVALUING YOUR OWN INVESTMENT!

Your purchase creates a trust between us as artists and you as listeners, friends and fans… supporting artists that work hard in an industry that offers them nearly nothing for their efforts is a worthy and good thing to do.. we rely on our fans for a small return on thousands of hours worth of work, all so that we can tour, and release more music for the fans that still love what we and others do..

We are here for you, please be there for us!

JC/Toxik 2014

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Lyrics for the In Humanity Pre-Release are available below in a PDF:

In Humanity Pre-Release Lyrics